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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D S4 Ep2 ‘Meet the New Boss’ Review

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D S4 Ep2 ‘Meet the New Boss’ Review


“Meet The New Boss” opens with a young boy sleeping. He is woken by the appearance of the strange ghost that was released in the last episode. As his father comes to check on his son, who is now in the living room, the ghost reappears. Lost, and confused it transpires that this was once her home, and flees through the father in her frantic haste to escape. It transpires that touching the ghost, leads to these strange hallucinations that May is still plagued by in this episode.

Next we find ourselves catching up with Daisy, who has been tracking Robbie Reyes since the previous episode. Making her way into her work, she sells a story to his colleagues about her van’s engine catching fire, and uses this as a means to probe Reyes for information. In the process showing how much she has found out about him.
Fitz and Simmons are in the S.H.I.E.L.D HQ at this point, and Fitz is researching what could possibly have been held in the storage box they took from the Chinese. They are aware that whatever it was that was in it, has triggered this paranoia that turned the men against each other.
Mack comes into the room, thinking he may have found the answer. Showing a still from the surveillance footage, the image of the ghost lady can be clearly seen. As the box contains a very rare alloy, Fitz is able to narrow down the company that created it to 4 options, and Mack then matches one of the locations to the father and son who are now being treated with similar conditions in the episode’s opening. The closest location is the Momentum Alternate Energy facility in Pasadena, California. Fitz and Mack gear up to go there, while Simmons is forced to stay, as she has to give a tour to visiting diplomats.
May and Coulson now make an appearance, as they await to talk to the S.H.I.E.L.D director, Jeffrey. Could this be Jeffrey Mace, also known in the comics as The Patriot (and for a time, Captain America)?  As the director finishes up his meeting, he sits May and Coulson down to discuss the events of the last episode, and how they went rogue and did their own mission. Jeffrey does not mind this, and commends their commitment.
The ghost enters Momentum Alternate Energy facility, and we see she can interact with objects. She releases another ghost, Hugo from a box, and he reveals that her name is Lucy. They converse for a while, and Hugo does not realise how much time has passed since he was locked up, thinking it had only been a matter of minutes. They also speak of a certain ‘he’ that did this to them.
Daisy thinks Robbie is an inhuman, but he explains he is not, and that he sold his soul to the devil. She tells him about the Watchdogs, and asks if he knows who has armed all these groups? Daisy continues to press Reyes, thinking he knows more than he is letting on. He gets angry though when Daisy mentions Gabe, his brother. A fight ensues between them again, as  Reyes knocks Daisy to the ground, with a flaming metal bar and then punches her unconscious.
As the tour is underway back at the S.H.I.E.L.D HQ, Coulson speaks of how Peggy Carter was the one who oversaw the facility being built back in 1949. We also see May’s condition gradually worsening as her mind is still haunted by hallucinations.
Back at the Momentum facility, another two more ghosts have been released, one un-named, and one called Vincent, who has no voice. As they argue, it transpires that it is Lucy who got them into this mess. They trusted her, and she trusted the man that did this too them. Talk continues of a ‘dark hold’ and a book which may be able to help them. Could all of this tie back to the second season of Agent Carter where we saw dark matter being used, also a strange form of alternate energy. Perhaps the book is also of mystic origins and could end up being a tie to the upcoming Doctor Strange.
As Daisy wakes, she is tied up by Reyes, and reveals her leads on Momentum labs, questioning if Reyes has any idea of it’s importance. Taping her mouth shut, he runs to his car, driving off to the labs. Daisy uses her quake powers to escape, and chases after him, propelling herself onto his car roof. As he ignites the flames in his car exhaust however she is flung off.
Mack and Fitz arrive to Momentum. Fitz’ scanner lead him to the room where the Ghosts are. The episode’s momentum really is picking up as we see everyone making their way to the same area. The unnamed ghost is attempting to blow the lab up however, setting the reactor into meltdown as Fitz frantically tries to stop it, Mack ends up trapped in a containment cage.
Back at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, May flips out and knocks out Coulson and her team of agents. The new director steps in, and despite her punches and hitting him with a metal pole in the head. He doesn’t flinch. He grabs May by the neck and knocks her out by hitting her head against the wall. It is revealed that he is an inhuman. His abilities seem to be superhuman strength, and invulnerability.
Back at Momentum, the ghost is about to touch Fitz. Reyes arrives just in time, and turning into Ghost Rider is able to touch the ghost, gabbing hold of him.  Daisy arrives and frees Mack as Ghost Rider burns up the ghost. He flees, grabbing a picture from the wall as he leaves.
Mack bandages Daisy’s wounds.As her continued use of her quake powers keep fracturing her bones. Mack realises Yoyo has been stealing drugs to heal Daisy’s bones
As Coulson follows Jeffrey, asking if May will be ok, it is revealed that Coulson voluntarily stepped down as director of S.H.I.E.L.D as he allegedly told the president that the people needed an enhanced human they could trust, to be the face of S.H.I.E.L.D as they are about to go public. Jeffrey  mentions Steve Rogers going awol, tying to Civil War. Jeffrey tells Coulson that May’s treatment is classified and we cut to a scene of May on a plane in a straight jacket.
After leaving Mack and Fitz, Daisy’s van won’t start. Reyes pulls up in a car. He asks if Daisy wants to know what is connecting the ghosts, the Chinese and the Watchdogs. Reyes thinks it may be him. The episode ends as they drive off together.
What an episode that was. This season is continuously propelling the story forward. Will it transpire that the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D is actually The Patriot? Lets hope he doesn’t end up getting possessed by the ghosts either, because with super powers like his, he would definitely be tough to take down. It also looks like we may see a lot more of Reyes and Daisy working together now. He seems to have some trust in her now.
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