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Viggo Mortensen Gives Advice To New Aragorn

Viggo Mortensen has offered some advice to whoever will play Aragorn in Amazon’s billion dollar Lord of the Rings series. Multiple sources reported earlier this year that the highly anticipated series would focus on young Aragorn. According to Geek Tyrant, it is currently being written by Star Trek 4 writers, JD Payne and Patrick McKay and will explore new […]

Nerd Icon – Andy Serkis

I adore films. It is just an enthralling medium where I feel I can just lose myself for a couple of hours, fall in love with characters. But a good films don’t rely solely on good plots or well-detailed characters. Don’t get me wrong – those features are immensely important to get a film off […]

K-Con Confirms John Rhys-Davies As Guest

What do Sliders, Lord of the Rings, The Shannara Chronicles and Gargoyles have in common? Well they all feature the talents of Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies (and they’re all all awesome shows!). If you happen to be a fan of the esteemed actor who is probably best know for his role as Gimli in the LOTR trilogy then […]

A Hobbit’s Guide To Life

You know, Lord of the Rings is one of those iconic franchises from our childhood that probably helped shape most of us into who we are today. Who didn’t want to be a badass elf with epic archery skills or a tough-talking dwarf who was always up for some good times? However, I think it’s the […]

Style Saturday: Fellowship Of The Fashion

While we wait for Winter it’s important to remember that Autumn is basically it’s rehearsal. Weather as changeable as Gandalf’s mood, winds harsher than those of Redhorn Pass. Layers and function are vital for this season, interchangeable layers that can transform a casual look to professional and vice versa all while fighting back the cold. Where […]

7 School-Day Crazes We Miss

Alright, so your school probably wasn’t as grand as Hogwarts. Or as fun. What with the uniforms. Exams. Homework. There’s several reasons not to ever want to enter those dark halls again. There was good times too though. It was in these years that we became book-reading, game-playing, show-watching, con-going awesome people. Cast your mind […]