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Gif Essay: Marathon Watching Stranger Things

Gif Essay: Marathon Watching Stranger Things


WARNING: Lots of spoilers for Stranger Things follow, you have been warned!

So I recently caved to the pressure of everyone I know with an internet connection and watched Stranger Things.

If you’ve been living under a rock for a while, Stranger Things is a Netflix original sci-fi thriller. I was apprehensive about watching it because I have shows overhyped for me all the time, like with Breaking Bad. People had hyped that show up so much that when I watched it, I just couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Stranger Things, however, has me totally hooked.If you haven’t seen it, do so. This is coming from someone who generally hates/can’t watch (I’m a coward, sue me) thrillers or horror at all, so give it a shot.

For anyone who has watched it, I’ll be displaying how I felt at the end of each episode through the format of gifs.

Episode 1 – The boys find El

Start Episode 2 Already Netflix!
Start Episode 2 Already Netflix!

Episode 2 – Barb disappears
Number 2

Episode 3 – Joyce sees the monster and Wills body is found
200 (3)

Episode 4 – Hopper discovers Wills body is fake and breaks into a government facility
Number 3
While Wills absentee father comes back to town
Number 4

Episode 5 – Nancy is in The Upside Down and has been spotted by the monster
Number 5

Episode 6 – El saves Mike and Dustin, but Lucas sees that the Bad Men are on their way
Number 6

Episode 7 – Nancey and Jonathan decide to lure and fight the monster
Number 7
While Joyce and Hopper get caught by the government ‘Bad Men’
Number 8
And Will has been found by the monster in The Upside Down
200 (1)

Episode 8 – The monster is dead and Will is safe
Number 9
Then Hopper gets into a car with government agents
Number 10
And finally there was that mega teaser for season 2
Number 11