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Top 7 Fictional Bromances

Top 7 Fictional Bromances


Ah yes. The bromance. Defined perhaps best by Turk and JD in a song for the ages, ‘Guy Love. There’s something inherently endearing about this unique relationship in fiction. And a theme of ‘sidekicks’ was all the excuse I needed to compile a list of my favourite bromances in fiction.

7. Cole and Zeke (inFamous)

Cole and Zeke

Man, I loved these games. It kills me that the series lost its way with the lackluster Second Son. But we’ll always have the awesome memories of these two brothers. The relationship did have its stumbling blocks, but they came through for each other. Zeke put it best when he said:

“Look, I don’t call you brother just because I like the way it sounds.”

Those of you who have played the game will know why the evil ending of inFamous 2 had me weeping uncontrollably.

6. Robin and Much (Robin Hood)


As some of you may know from my post last week, I love Robin Hood. Robin loves all of the outlaws of course, but Much has been his steadfast companion from the beginning.

He went with Robin to the Holy Land to fight, was his servant before that, and there is absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do for Robin. Robin, at times, can lose sight of this, but he still loves Much dearly.

5. Harry Dresden and Michael Carpenter (The Dresden Files)

Harry Dresden and Michael Carpenter

This series is awesome; every character is unique, the world is cool, and Harry and his compatriots share a great camaraderie. Harry loves all of those he works closely with, but Michael was the first character we met when the series really began in Grave Peril.

They really shouldn’t get on as well as they do, with Michael’s religious faith and Harry’s scepticism, but these two have always got each other’s backs; Harry with his staff and rod, Michael with Amoracchius.

4. Turk and JD (Scrubs)

Turk and JD

I watched Scrubs for two reasons – Cox’s humour, and Turk and JD’s bromance. These guys met in college, and share a deep, meaningful and hilarious relationship.

Their antics were endlessly entertaining. Creating the world’s most giant doctor, ceating the full-turbo spinning eagle, bursting into song in the hospital; all gold. Their shared childlike ways were what made them so inseparable, such as when they both tried (and failed) to not laugh at the word ‘duty’. Dooty. Doody. Heh.

3. Chuck and Morgan (Chuck)

Chuck and Morgan

Chuck movie, please happen! I know it’s dead, but I haven’t let go yet. Comedy, drama, action, adventure, romance – this show was the jack of all trades, master of all.

And at the centre of it all – in fact, at the very very beginning of it all – was Chuck and Morgan. The entire series opens on these two trying to escape a party, thrown for Chuck. I can relate.

They’ve have been through the ringer, though I think my favourite Chuck and Morgan moment has to be when they’re playing Duck Hunt after Chuck reveals he’s a spy, and Morgan accuses Chuck of using the intersect to win. Please come back guys!

2. Peter and Neal (White Collar)

Peter and Neal

You guys don’t even need me to convince you of this one – just check out this video. Though they usually operate on opposite sides of the law, they work extremely well together as a team.

They’re both always there for each other. It’s genuinely heart wrenching to see one of them when the other is taken. Besides saving each other from actual physical harm, they offer each other moral support. And to top it all off – their banter is some of the best I’ve seen on television.

The quote to show just how important they are to each other:

Neal: “You’re the only one.

Peter: “I’m the only one what?”

Neal: “You’re the only person in my life I trust.”

Man, I need to re-watch this show.

1. Sam and Dean (Supernatural)

Sam and Dean WinchesterA list of bromances, and these two are the only two actual brothers on it. But they’ve been sacrificing themselves for each other for twelve years now, so they have definitely earned their place.

Having grown up with a crappy childhood (John Winchester sucks), Dean has always looked after younger brother Sam. Now that they’re adults, Sam is repaying the favour. With all of the hell that these guys have been through (literally), they will do whatever it takes to keep the other one safe. Though it’s in the non life-threatening moments that it really shines through.

Celebrating a makeshift Christmas together in a motel room. Arguing over movie snacks. Rocking out in the Impala. Dean teaching Sam how to fix the Impala. There’s a reason this show has been renewed for a thirteenth season, guys. And that reason is the Winchester brothers.

Who are your favourite bromances? Let me know what I’ve missed in the comments below!