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Top Husbandos Of Anime – Otaku Digest

Top Husbandos Of Anime – Otaku Digest


Anyone who might of tuned into last week’s instalment of Otaku Digest knows we are mixing things up a bit from now on. Otaku Digest is a changing. Last week we listed off my top anime waifus so it is only right that this week be dedicated to the husbandos of anime. Just like with waifu a husbando is an otaku term given to a male character who you love. Of course otaku culture takes that to a new level of dedication.

Usual disclaimer applies here that this list is based on my personal husbando choices. If you think your husband can take on mine, is better or from an anime we should check out, please let us know in the comments.

#3 – Sōshi Miketsukami – Ino x Boku SS


I have never really gone into details of how much I loved this anime. The best part being the relationship between all the characters in particular Sōshi and Ririchiyo. For those who have not seen or heard of Sōshi Miketsukami he is the SS agent assigned to Ririchiyo, essentially to watch over her and as he says himself he is her “Dog”.


Sōshi Miketsukami is a complete husbando, he is calm, caring and polite. From the get go of the series he is prepared to do anything for Ririchiyo, even not be near her if that is what she wants from him. The really compelling and heart-warming thing about Sōshi is his backstory, the fact he had such a hard life and the repercussions of this makes you sympathise with him from beginning to end. He forms a bond with Ririchiyo and he learns things about himself that make you just want to reach out and hug him. The banter between the two makes the series very light even when there is tense situations although this is mainly down to the comic relief of Sōshi.

Ino x Boku SS is an adorable little anime that if for nothing else an anime fan should see for Sōshi Miketsukami. A loyal dog ready to lay down his life for his charge.

#2 – Harusuharu Sohma – Fruits Basket


I feel this husbando list is a little more widespread in terms of anime then the waifu list was. Fruits Basket is a staple anime in the collection of any otaku. Most will be shocked that it is not Yuki or Kyo Sohma on this list or even Shigure or Hatori but just like in the anime everyone forgets about Harusuharu. Harusuharu or Haru is the cow of the Chinese zodiac in the series with a literal black and white hair do.

I will admit his character is unbelievably played down in the anime series compared to the manga series where he has genuine arks to himself and his love interest Rin. Saying that parts of his personality do come through in the anime that still make him my husbando. Haru has a split personality from the abuse he went through in his childhood but when he is in his “White” personality he is kind and gentle, he is very carefree and could even be called lax while in this state. Compared to when he goes “black” where he wants chaos and becomes hot headed and short tempered.

Haru does a lot behind the scenes for his friends, once he claims you are a friend to him he will do nearly anything for you.

#1 – Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop


Is anyone really surprised? Undoubtedly my favourite anime ever created it is no wonder that Spike would be at the top of my husbando list. Yes, I still hold out hope for the Spike Spiegel in my life and if he comes with a corgi named Ein, I am sold. For the entire four people who have not seen Cowboy Bebop Spike is the main protagonist and flies around space as a bounty hunter. He is a lax, lazy, indifferent and unmotivated character except maybe when meat could be involved.

He is indifferent to those around him even his own comrades who he treats as burdens or emergency time food in Ein’s case but yet has a kindness towards them. He has an obvious fondness towards them, even Faye who it nearly always comes off that he cannot stand her. He never oversteps in their lives unless he is needed leaving them to face their demons and pasts themselves.

What is interesting about this and Spike himself is that the entire series is also him doing just that. He spends so much time running from the past he left behind but towards the end of the series he is ready to stand and face it. Alone. The series keeps Spike quite mysterious to viewers only giving the current day representation of him with snippets of his past in there. Spike may come off as the lax manly man but when push comes to shove he will be the first to come to his friend’s rescue.

Spike Spiegel may not be the safest of choices for a husbando what with a violent past and present but he will always top my list. Remaining my favourite male anime character of all time.

See you Space Cowboy.