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Cody Rhodes To Feature In Arrow Season 5

Cody Rhodes To Feature In Arrow Season 5


Arrow star Stephen Amell‘s feud with former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes (wrestling as Stardust) was one of the strangest pro-wrestling rivalries in recent years. When celebrities are guests on Monday Night Raw, sometimes they get in on the action and that’s what happened with Amell and Stardust. However, the feud escalated and finished on SummerSlam.

Amell and Neville wrestled in a tag-team match against Stardust and King Barret. Usually, when non-wrestlers get in the ring the results are awful; David Arquette becoming the WCW World Heavyweight Champion is the most infamous example of this. Gladly, it wasn’t the case here. Neville did the heavy lifting but Amell had a particularly memorable spot, as you can see below.

Stardust didn’t accept his loss and back in February he confronted Amell at a convention. But then Cody Rhodes left WWE and it looked like the feud was dead. At least until now.

Amell and Rhodes had a joint convention panel this weekend. In it they announced that Rhodes will have a guest spot on episode three of Arrow season five. All the other details are unknown, but surely there will be a fight in the cards.

Rhodes tweeted the following after the announcement:

Season five of Arrow will premiere on Octorber 5 in the US.