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Whachu Doin’ This Week… Noel?

Well, I’m going to sleep. Eat. Drink. That kind of thing. Oh. Oh you meant the interesting stuff. The fun stuff. We can talk about that too…I guess. Well, packages arrived on my desk at work on Tuesday and Wednesday, considerably brightening my days. The first was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on the PS4. Mostly due […]

Top 7 Fictional Bromances

Ah yes. The bromance. Defined perhaps best by Turk and JD in a song for the ages, ‘Guy Love‘. There’s something inherently endearing about this unique relationship in fiction. And a theme of ‘sidekicks’ was all the excuse I needed to compile a list of my favourite bromances in fiction. 7. Cole and Zeke (inFamous) Man, […]

New Cast Member Announced For Heroes: Reborn

Although Zachary Quinto may not be coming back for the new NBC miniseries Heroes: Reborn but another Zachary will be joining the team to bring the franchise back. NBC announced on Friday that former Chuck star Zachary Levi will lead the forthcoming 13 episode miniseries, which will premiere later this year. There have not been […]