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Geek Log | Gadgets, Spies And American Football

Geek Log | Gadgets, Spies And American Football


Geek Log, Earthdate 070918:

This week I have been getting my geek on in a number of different and interesting ways. Let me break it down into three segments for you, and see just how geeky I can get.


Just this past week we here at The Arcade saw Brian Dooley review the very game I have been spending a lot of time playing, Madden 19. As a big fan of American Football, this is a game I look forward to every year when it comes out. The game play is so much fun and I easily lose hours of sleep by saying ‘just one more game’.

From playing Franchise mode where I can actually see my team win some games, #BillsMafia. To all the extras like Madden Ultimate Team and almost the RPG version with Longshot, this game is just hours of entertainment for an American Football geek like me.

I would go further into this game here, but Brian did such a great review of it. So if you are really wanting to find out more about Madden 19, check out his review here on The Arcade.


In the past few weeks I have been binge watching probably one of the geekiest shows ever, Chuck. I never watched this series when it originally aired, but a friend highly recommended it. I decided to give it a watch, and I was instantly hooked.

The show stars some very geeky and recognizable actors. Zachary Levi plays the title character of Chuck, and he will also be seen in the upcoming Shazam film. Yvonne Strahovski who can be seen in The Handmaid’s Tale as Serena Waterford, plays a CIA bad ass named Sarah Walker. They are joined by Firefly alumn Adam Baldwin as NSA Agent, gun-toting, Ronald Regan loving John Casey.

The premise of the show sees mild-mannered computer geek, Chuck, have the world’s greatest computer downloaded into his head. This gives him ‘flashes’ of anything the CIA, NSA, FBI or even Homeland Security has records of whenever he sees certain images. He basically is forced to become a spy because this computer program, dubbed ‘the intersect’, makes him a very valuable asset.

I am really loving this show, and I am three episodes from completing the entire series. The guest stars have been even fantastic for this show. This is one of those shows where you can say, ‘hey, wasn’t that person in Chuck?’ and probably the answer is yes. It’s funny, entertaining and truly a show I would highly recommend. Come on and join the Nerd Herd.

Another Geek Thing

As mentioned above, I am a big fan of American Football. This time of year we geeks of the world engage in the most Dungeons & Dragons -esque thing you can when a fan of American Football. I speak of fantasy football and all the work it takes to draft a good team.

I spend weeks in mock drafts, ranking players by talent, ranking them by teams and trying to develop a strategy. Now let me tell you, that strategy usually ends up being destroyed by someone drafting a player who you don’t expect and throws everything off kilter.

Even as I write my Geek Log for you all to read, I am mentally preparing for an onslaught of drafts. With the NFL season set to begin on Thursday the 6th of September, there are several last-minute drafts happening.

Ray’s Geek Log, Supplemental

I have been busy with work that my game playing time has been significantly reduced. Even still I try to get an hour or so in a day, but it can sometimes be hard. I always let my geek flag fly, and if it’s not playing a game, watching a show or participating in fantasy football… you will definitely find me wearing some kind of geek shirt.

What does your Geek Log look like? Let us know your current geeky distractions in the comments below.