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4 Allies To Humanity In The Fight Against Dragons

4 Allies To Humanity In The Fight Against Dragons


Not only dragons, but it now seems as though people have appeared to fight to help stem the tide. They come from different backgrounds and have different motivations but they all seem to want to help in minimising the damage.

The Dragon Commander


Two dragons were seen crashing to the ground in a fight. When the impact site was investigated, only a single dead dragon was found with a man standing over it. When asked what he had seen, he smirked before leaping from a cliff and actually transformed into a dragon himself!

Equipped with a jetpack, he’s able to outmanouvre most of those he’s faced. He inspires those that trust him when he’s seen nearby.

Hiccup and Toothless


The smallest dragon to come through was accompanied by a young man. Hiccup, and the dragon toothless work as a team. They’re hesitant when fighting as they like to try and settle the dragons.

Not to mention some of the other hunters are a little anxious having a dragon around, they think it’s only a matter of time before it gets hungry and somebody loses a limb.

Denton Van Zan


Denton comes from the world ravaged by ‘The Wyvern’. As such, his hatred is understandable. He lost the majority of his squad in pursuit of the beast that ravaged his earth.

Cassandra Pentaghast


Not a dragon hunter by trade but by heritage, she has a lot of experience fighting dragons. She also has experience with strange beasts appearing from seemingly nowhere. When she leaves here she’ll probably have to go back to deal with that. No rest for the wicked…

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