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Tracking Beasts? Take Some Creature Companions

Tracking down beasts, either fantastic or mundane? If your intentions are to hunt, tame or merely to observe, the trip could likely be made easier with the addition of some creature companions detailed in this compendium. I’ve only detailed one creature of each potential role, ‘lest the list comprise entirely of horses or dogs. Mabari […]

Tracking Beasts? Know Your Prey or Be The Prey

Its important to be knowledgeable in what you’re tracking. Some creatures and beasts can be approached and reasoned with, others may be tamed. Others could simply be a threat to just themselves and others and sometimes they just need to be taken care of. Werewolves Werewolves, wolf people also known as lycans or lycanthropes. Cursed […]

List Of Dragons To Watch Out For

Just hours ago sightings of, well, dragons, started pouring in from all over the earth. At first, no one took these reports seriously but it didn’t take too long for several to several hundred tons of flying muscle to be noticed. I’ve actually seen one myself, it actually looked familiar… as did some of the […]

Fictional Feelings: Laura’s Loves

Since we’re all about the love this week on The Arcade, we’re swamped by our feelings and we’re all fantasizing about our favourite fictional crushes, haunted by the love that can never be because they’re imaginary. I’m guilty of more than a few fictional crushes in my lifetime, spanning from the world of games to […]

Gallery: Chrix Design

I’m a big fan of cosplay. Despite never having done a good cosplay myself I enjoy the medium and other than just admiring it at conventions there are a few cosplayers who I’d follow online. One of which being Christina from Norway, also known as Chrix Design. She has many cosplays which can be seen […]

Opinion: Physical Copies In A Digital Age

Recently, we put out the news that the physical copy of Fallout 4 would not come with the full game, and would require you to download the last of the files from Steam upon purchase. While I understand piracy can be hard on developers and there has to be steps taken to lower the risk, it did […]