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List Of Dragons To Watch Out For

List Of Dragons To Watch Out For


Just hours ago sightings of, well, dragons, started pouring in from all over the earth. At first, no one took these reports seriously but it didn’t take too long for several to several hundred tons of flying muscle to be noticed.

I’ve actually seen one myself, it actually looked familiar… as did some of the others reported… perhaps you’ll find some of these dragons familiar too:

High Dragon


The first of the dragons I noticed was the High Dragon. An incredibly rare, vicious and territorial animal, it could do a hell of a lot of damage if it decides it wants to nest in a populated area. If not, then we’re lucky! Until its offspring appears that is! It is a wild animal, brutal as it is imposing.



Significantly smaller than the High Dragon and the other dragons I’ve seen thus far, but big things come in small packages. Oh, and he could still easily eat you whole. Alduin was the firstborn son of a god, harbinger of the apocalypse, eater of souls.

Though it is allegedly possible to kill him, it is believed that being cast from the mortal plain is merely a temporary inconvenience for him. Things are starting to look bad…

‘The Dragon’


No one dears to face this behemoth save for the select few that survive an encounter with him! Almost as if by compulsion, they journey to face the beast that literally steals their hearts. He causes rampant destruction before waiting for those he’s stolen hearts from.

Hopefully they can solve this problem, assuming he doesn’t destroy everything before finding someone he’d deem worthy of facing him. Who even knows if anyone else can hurt him?

Hellkite Dragon


Similar to the High Dragon, the Hellkite Dragon is highly territorial, though not out of protective instinct. It seems to be a matter of ‘I like this bridge, it’s mine now.’

It seems unlikely that it will find a disused bridge that will be in the right size… His tail reportedly once fell off fairly easily so maybe it won’t be too much of a problem. Of course… it regrew a short while later so who knows?

Stay safe and keep your eyes to the skies! A sunburn would be preferable to the shade of one of these guys.