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Tracking Beasts? Know Your Prey or Be The Prey

Tracking Beasts? Know Your Prey or Be The Prey


Its important to be knowledgeable in what you’re tracking. Some creatures and beasts can be approached and reasoned with, others may be tamed. Others could simply be a threat to just themselves and others and sometimes they just need to be taken care of.



Werewolves, wolf people also known as lycans or lycanthropes. Cursed humans, or in some cases gifted, depending on the nature of the condition. There are many different states of lycanthropy, the most well known probably being the one of a full moon forcing a transformation into a wild, towering, bipedal wolf beast. There are many variations on this some change into a large wolf, and then at will with all there faculties intact. Some are a bit of both. There are then also those that are cursed in a permanent wolf or wolfman state.



Yeah, there’s a large variation of these too. Basically a giant fire breathing, flying lizard. Even that’s an over simplification, some don’t fly, and some don’t breathe fire. Some don’t have a ‘breathe attack’ and while fire is most iconic but there is also frost or lightning or acid breathes among others. Different variants have different amounts and types of  limbs, as well as colour of scales. Then there’s variance of intelligence and motive and the like too. Some are simply wild animals, hunting to feed or to protecting their home. Others may covet gold and will horde as much as they can. And others still pursue knowledge or power and are willing to deal with people, (in a diplomatic sense  mean) their motives are their own to know. Oh, also their size can vary greatly.



Gryphons (or griffons) are a very majestic creature, well they’re seen as such, a gigantic combination of eagle and lion. They are seen as very regal beasts but the truth of the matter is that they are simply animals. They hunt to feed but they can be tamed, bred and ridden. Though this is still very rare. And don’t get me wrong when I say they’re just animals, I love ’em, I’m just saying they’re less likely to have higher motivations like some lycans or dragons. I mean, they’re birds AND cats, what’s not to like?



A mixed bag, slimes, or jar, if you don’t want them leaking all over the place. They can be adorable but also, y’know… slimey. The most common of slimes are not great threat. But even in large numbers they could amalgamate into a bit of a bigger threat. Some of them can be very fast too, but those are a great source of experience if you can catch them. It’s important to know the difference between slimes and other gelatinous beasts, as they could consume you and melt your flesh as you struggle to escape… Not slimes though, they’re all goo-d. Maybe carry some salt with you to be safe, especially when it might be a gelatinous cube bastard.