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Tracking Beasts? Take Some Creature Companions

Tracking Beasts? Take Some Creature Companions


Tracking down beasts, either fantastic or mundane? If your intentions are to hunt, tame or merely to observe, the trip could likely be made easier with the addition of some creature companions detailed in this compendium. I’ve only detailed one creature of each potential role, ‘lest the list comprise entirely of horses or dogs.

Mabari Warhound – Barkspawn – Dragon Age: Origins


Mabari warhounds are fiercely loyal and highly intelligent dogs. Known to be good scouts along with their masters, known as the Ash Warriors. When fighting darkspawn or any indeed any enemy they are covered with kaddis along with their masters, a special warpaint that helps the hounds to identify its allies in the heat of battle by smell. Even during the fifth blight, the hero of Ferelden was friend to a mabari, Barkspawn, who tore down his enemies and played with his friends. (He wasn’t fond of baths though.)

Ratcoon – Bardbarian


Part rat, part raccoon, meet the Ratcoon. Once a companion to the mighty Bardbarian, the adorable little Ratcoon will help you in your loot gathering endeavours, assuming the loot is gold… Ratcoon isn’t going to go diving through viscera so you can get yourself a rare crafting reagent, for Ratcoon it’s a matter of “Gold or g’way.”

Shadowmere – Oblivion/Skyrim


You’re probably going to need to travel while tracking down your prey. There’s no reason to hoof it, leave that to a creature with hooves. Shadowmere, a steed as black as the void but as loyal as your shadow, few horses can match it in speed or endurance. It is also said to be immortal, if someone does manage to banish it, it will return… eventually… It is said to be a gift from Sithis, so if you do travel by Shadowmere-back, be wary of any funny looks, for you will have to do some unscrupulous things to have the privilege.

Mandrake – Ziggurat


Alright, so not a very sociable companion, in fact it’ll more than likely try to ceaselessly take a chunk out of you. On the Brightside though, it saves you some effort of carrying food. Just wait until you’re ready to eat. Then you just need to cook it up and you have yourself a meal.