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5 Lies Geek Shoppers Tell Themselves | Gif Essay

5 Lies Geek Shoppers Tell Themselves | Gif Essay


Geek shoppers shall inherit the Earth… and large amounts of debt to fill it with. After a weekend break to London I found myself questioning my ability to manage money and what little of it I have. I’m not the worst person in the world with money (the recession proved bankers are!) but I’m basically a child in an adult’s body every time I visit one of my favourite stores!

Sure I could spend this €20 on groceries, enough to maybe even last two days OR I could pick up this copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Limited Edition! Guess which one I went with?

It’s gotten me thinking though about the lies we convince ourselves with when we go out on a splurge! Here’s what I’ve come up with and the rationale to break the lie down should you wish to!

It’s an investment!


Seriously this stuff will be worth it’s weight in gold when I’m dead! Really I’m thinking about my kids and their kids and their kids! No don’t open the packaging?!

Listen, it’s no more an investment than me squandering hundreds of euro on League of Legend skins for champions! Stop lying to yourself!

I’m a collector!


A collector? Really? How many have you got from the series? Oh you didn’t know this was the fifth figure from the second line and it is in fact a third reprint! Listen, you can spend your money on what you like but these lies, they need to stop!

I don’t need food!


Well actually you do!

You’ve just blown €104.97 on graphic novels (three of them to be precise) and the first thing that happens when you walk out of the store is the smell of everything edible within a one mile radius assaults your sense of smell. Your stomach roars in anticipation of a hot, nutritious meal! You have exactly €5.03 cents left to see you until the end of the week… it’s Monday!

No it’s not a type diet! Yes you’re terrible with money!

This shows how much I love it!


No the fact that you’ve spent a small fortune on the Monopoly edition, the coasters (you’ll never use), a selection of comics and collectors editions, not to mention you’ve been to see the movie 4 times, doesn’t prove you love something more than the rest of us.

It does prove you’ve more money than sense though!

I need it!


No you want it! You don’t need it! Stop confusing those too!

Listen it’s your money, you do what you want with it! I’m not going to judge you! I am however going to ask you for a loan of €40 because I really need to pre-order those Sailor Moon vinyls or I’ll die! No listen you don’t understand!