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Style Saturday – Fantastic Fashion


fantastic fashion
This week we’ve been inundated with talk of the Fantastic Four reboot, the director was explaining his choices and inspirations, fans were divided with the release of the trailer in the middle of the week but one thing is for certain, it’s very different to the previous films and in particular the look of our Fantastic Four has had a big makeover.
Whether you’re excited or you’re dreading it, the film isn’t going away and over the coming weeks the marketing is going to intensify, so brace yourself! On all that though I’ve been inspired this week to look back at previous incarnations of the super hero team and in particular the Storm siblings, Sue and Johnny. I’m dedicating this Style Saturday to the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch!

Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch

Johnny Storm
For Johnny Storm I decided to go with an outfit based on the most recent animated version of the character. Johnny is the cocky member of the team and he’s also the youngest so I wanted to try keep both those Johnny_Storm_FFWGHelements in this ensemble. With that in mind I went with a blue and white varsity style jacket, varsity jackets always remind me ‘bros’ with too much bravado and I think the colours work as reflection of the teams suits.
The jeans have a worn look and instead of going for a frayed or distressed look I decided to pick something that’s a little more destroyed, the shoes and watch are practical but also work as great and colourful accessories.
The oranges and blue might look like they clash at first but with the jacket off these accessories stand out more in contrast to the black t-shirt.
Flame on? More like… fashion on!
Varsity Jacket – €46 T-Shirt – €14 Jeans – €44 High Tops – €27 Sports Watch – €19

Sue Storm a.k.a. The Invisible Woman

Sue Storm
Sue Storm is my second favourite Marvel character, I’ve always had a place in my heart for her, she’s an exceptional leader, a formidable fighter, a wonderful partner and friend. This outfit is inspired by Ultimate Sue Storm, the blue blazer is the perfect piece tying the whole look together. Invisible_Woman_(Ultimate)_007
The rest of the outfit is quite simple but practical, the sleeveless top is fun with a nice frill  and the jeans blend really between the top and the ankle boots.
As with Johnny Storm’s outfit, the accessories are my favourite items, both the bangle and the ring are very cheap but work really well.
The clear plastic ring studded with a rhinestone is an homage to the powers Sue possesses both invisibility and force field generation.
Blazer –  €26 Sleeveless Top – €40 Jeans – €22 Ankle Boots – €27 Bangle – €5 Ring – €5