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Otaku Digest – Dragons/Witches/Demonic Siblings


The January blues are finally at an end and we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Another Sunday means another Otaku Digest and we have more anime first looks to share with you. Let’s see if this week’s picks are worth sticking out for the duration. Up this week is Juuou Mujin no Fafnir, Junketsu no Maria and Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha.

Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

FafnirUp first this week is Juuou Mujin no Fafnir or Unlimited Fafnir School Battle, a school, romance and fantasy anime that started airing on the 9th of January. This anime is based around a world that has been turned upside down by the unexpected presence of monsters that are referred to as ‘Dragons.’ It is not long before humans begin being born with dragon powers known as ‘D.’ These individuals were usually girls until Yuu Mononobe was born, making him the world’s only male ‘D’ and he is the world’s best kept secret. Although he is a secret as a ‘D’ he must enroll in the Midgar school for ‘D’, girls where he is reunited with his little sister.
I get that this anime in reality was meant to show how bad-ass female characters can be, especially in this anime where the main defense/power in the world is usually born in woman. In this case the power of the dragons. Even so, the anime could have done this without adding in needless fan service. A little is fine, it can sometimes even add to an anime but in this case it was forced in my opinion. Nudity in the first minute? No need. Saying that, the premise of this anime, although tired in a way (male enters school for bad-ass ladies and let the shenanigans begin). I liked it. With the adding of the dragons, which somehow have infected humans, and throw in that all dragons search for a mate which could be one of the girls attending the school makes things a bit more interesting. The characters I will give a chance since it was mainly introductions in the first episode, they were for the most part pretty blah and all we really got was some insight into the silver haired one who is the resident ditz and the sister who has a major chip on her shoulder. Nothing wrong here, just the characters need a bit of spicing up.

Will I Continue To Watch: For story alone yes, I can overlook the characters.

Junketsu no Maria

MariaNext up this week is comedy, fantasy, ecchi, historical and magical anime Junketsu no Maria or Maria the Virgin Witch that originally aired on the 11th of January. The name gives away that the anime does indeed follow a witch called Maria, who is in fact the most powerful witch alive during the Hundred Years’ War in France. Although not a passive person, Maria uses her powers to obstruct and meddle with battles. This interfering has caught the eye of the heavens and the Archangel Michael issues a decree that Maria can keep her powers, until she loses her virginity, that is then she will lose both. An angel called Ezekiel is sent to watch over her and make sure she isn’t public with her powers, which she is and continues to use anyway.
An anime about a young witch losing her virginity, need I say more? Shockingly enough the first episode was actually decent and a good example of fan service being used and not over powering the series. I enjoyed the character designs which really suited the look of the era and the magical components of the episode. There are two main characters we are given so far. First, Maria herself who was actually a decent character, complex enough due to her age which makes the concept of the whole thing about her virginity interesting and a bit weird since the first episode was not the moment it was ruled that her virginity was tied to her powers – she proclaims she can lose it if she wanted. The other character was Artemis, her succubus and because of this she was the fan service character, even making innuendos on the way she had just treated men. It was a speech for adult ears, we’ll say. A surprise thrown into the mix that I was not expecting to like this anime in the slightest.

Will I Continue To Watch: Yes, based on the fact they did not rush the story-line and the characters have a good starting point.

Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha

BasaraComing up to finish off another Otaku Digest is Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha or The Testament of Sister New Devil, a fantasy, romance, ecchi and action anime that first aired on the 8th of January. What could be the worst thing you could hear from your father? Bar his new found revelation of getting remarried. Toujo Basara’s father gave him heart failure with the question “Hey, you said you wanted a sister, right?” right before escaping overseas leaving Basara with his two new step sisters who happen to be Mio the new Demon lord and a succubus? Eeep! Almost getting entered into a master and slave contract with Mio, it was somehow reversed that Basara being the master! What could possibly go wrong here? Oh, and throw some demon tribes battling for Mio’s life in there too for good measure.
This week seemed to be the fan service week for me! Each of these series have had blatant service with one using it needlessly and another that used it to their benefit. Now we have a third where blatant fan service is an understatement to the point where it even references it outright. It is in-your-face fan service with no apologies which usually would bother me. However, in this case it uses it in a way that actually goes in its benefit as it makes more fun of the fact it uses such fan service with a story that is actually quite compelling and has interested characters. The narrative flowed really smoothly and there was some head turning secrets revealed in just the first episode that were nice twists for a viewer. I keep mentioning fan service as usually the girls are bimbos for the sake of fan service but Mio and her succubus companion are actually well created characters with enough depth for development.

Will I Continue To Watch: Weirdly yes, I liked the characters and the story seems worth sticking with.
What did you watch this week? Let me know in the comments!