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Banjo Guy Ollie – Double Bill

If you’ve ever watched any of the videos we’ve hosted from YouTuber Banjo Guy Ollie then you’ll recognise his amazing musical talent right off the bat! Today we’re bringing you not just one but two of his latest covers in a special double bill. Tell your Thursday to relax, plug your headphones in and just chill […]

Warcraft Movie Gets Interactive Trailer

For the upcoming Warcraft movie, Legendary Pictures have released an interactive trailer where we get a 360 degree view of the world. In the video, you can manually steer the camera as you ride a Gryphon over the human city of Stormwind. It has been very well received so far, with over 500k hits on YouTube. Fans […]

Style Saturday: Ink and Ice

This week, I’ve been mostly playing Splatoon and Heroes of the Storm and by that I mean every spare moment I have. Sacrificing sleep, cutting time out of my daily routine, (Coco Pops are just as good for dinner as they are lunch and breakfast) so I can literally spend every chance I have either making the world around […]

Boss Rush: The Undead

These aren’t shuffling masses of decomposing flesh! These aren’t slow nor or they weak, they don’t act in a herd capacity, these are the worst of the worst. We’ve become obsessed with the undead, zombies, the walking dead, whatever you want to call them, living death and the beings it inhabits fascinate and frighten us […]

WoW S.E.L.F.I.E Tool Is Coming

I don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to selfie phenomenon but long before I was desperately trying to angle shots and running through filters to perfect perfection, I was spending hours in online games snapping pictures of my own characters with NPCs, epic battles and beautiful scenery. I had a real […]