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Boss Rush: The Undead

Boss Rush: The Undead


These aren’t shuffling masses of decomposing flesh! These aren’t slow nor or they weak, they don’t act in a herd capacity, these are the worst of the worst. We’ve become obsessed with the undead, zombies, the walking dead, whatever you want to call them, living death and the beings it inhabits fascinate and frighten us and they don’t get more terrifying than the creatures on this list.
This week’s Boss Rush I want to look at the worst of the worst, the undead.

5. LeChuck – Monkey Island

He’s been a zombie, a ghost and even a demon when it comes to return from the dead, no one does it quite like the pirate captain, LeChuck. Utilising every last trick in the book and even throwing the book at you, LeChuck is devious, cruel and unflinching in his hunt for the beautiful, Elaine Marley.
He’s here at number five, pushing others out of the count purely for his pure inability to stay dead, not to mention his ability to manipulate the forces of Voodoo not to mention the crew he has at his disposal.
He’s not the most terrifying though and can be manipulated rather easily, if Guybrush is anything to go by then we’d all be fine taking him on!

4. Nurses – Silent Hill

In the town of Silent Hill, if something goes bump, you’d better start running, if you hear lots of bumps then it’s pretty much too late. I have the Nurses from Silent Hill here because of how they appear and because if anything was going to kill me on this list it would be the Nurses.
They are victims, they are the people we could be when the world goes dark. I’ve always felt sorry for them, I think because of Lisa Garland, a nurse and ally in the very first game who fights against what she is to aid you for as long as possible only to be left alone, to turn, in the dark. Okay this is depressing, let’s move on to something epic…

3. The Lich King – World of Warcaft

They don’t come more epic than Arthas, the Lich King and I can still remember when I first face off against the Lich King – while my experience came years after he first appeared and was beaten by Blood Legion, a US group on the Illidan server.
You can pity him for all is and what he tried to do but remember at his finger tips rest Frostmourne and an army of the undead.

2. Nemesis – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

STARS… I can still hear his voice from the second Resident Evil movie but the film sold him short. Nemesis was a terrifying force, not quite enough to make it my top spot. In the game Nemesis stalks his target Jill Valentine throughout the city, you first encounter him on the outskirts of the city where he kills helicopter pilot and STARS member Brad Vickers in front of you and so begins the hunt.
Nemesis is strong, he is a brute force lashing out as quickly as he appears but smart enough to understand that you’re adapting to his methods and equips himself with a rocket launcher. He is a twisted mass of snarling flesh, wrapped together in trench coat, his is a face you can never forget.

1. Witch – Left 4 Dead

You’re probably wondering why she’s here at number one but stick with me. tumblr_n72mw0NsNq1sw4xhfo1_500The Witch isn’t just another hulking mess of rotting flesh, she’s smart and we’ll never know just how many fell to her before your group face her for the first time.
Alone, in the dark, she wails, crying out, a child’s cry, abandoned and lost in a world plundered into chaos and darkness but she’s a liar, she’s the monster that other monsters are afraid of. I’ve always felt her behaviour was similar to the Irish banshee or the Sirens of Greek mythology but more evolved, taking death into her own talons.
One of the few solaces you have in this dark world  is your flashlight but it’s a flame to the Witch and when you shine it at her all you can do is pray your team have enough ammo to take her down.
She is as brutal as she is clever!