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Dead 7 Review – Boybands Never Die

A dystopian future, a zombie army and 90’s boybands, what more could you ask for? Dead 7, a collaboration between Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter and produced by The Asylum, is a post-apocalyptic Western that follows a group of gunslingers as they look to protect the small town of Desert Springs from a voodoo priestess with an […]

Walker Stalker Con London Review

1313Walker Stalker Con, the US-based convention event inspired by comic and TV series, The Walking Dead shuffled its way to the UK. Walker Stalker Con London took place in the Olympia London and I dragged my carcass over the pond for it last weekend. The guest list for the weekend was peppered with some of the biggest names from the […]

Boss Rush: The Undead

These aren’t shuffling masses of decomposing flesh! These aren’t slow nor or they weak, they don’t act in a herd capacity, these are the worst of the worst. We’ve become obsessed with the undead, zombies, the walking dead, whatever you want to call them, living death and the beings it inhabits fascinate and frighten us […]