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Banjo Guy Ollie – Double Bill

Banjo Guy Ollie – Double Bill


If you’ve ever watched any of the videos we’ve hosted from YouTuber Banjo Guy Ollie then you’ll recognise his amazing musical talent right off the bat! Today we’re bringing you not just one but two of his latest covers in a special double bill.

Tell your Thursday to relax, plug your headphones in and just chill out! Why not take a relaxing drive out to the coast in Out Run or prop yourself in a comfy chair next to the fire in ‘The Lion’s Pride Inn’ from World of Warcraft.

Out Run was released in 1986 by Sega for arcades, it was the best-selling titles of the time. Now thirty years since it’s release, the title is still regarded as one of the greatest games ever made and one of the best ‘driving’ games in the genre.

Flash forward to the era of World of Craft! If you fancied a pint and were itching for a duel somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the sprawling cities in Azeroth, chances are you found yourself at the Goldshire inn aka Lion’s Pride Inn.