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Monkey Island Theme – Banjo Guy Ollie

Well this week has been pretty unpredictable weather wise! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend a cool, calm and restful week in an undisclosed Carribbean location? No! No it wouldn’t! Do you not remember the Monkey Island games? That place is chock full of pirates, undead pirates, wannabe pirates and three-headed monkeys! Well if […]

Banjo Guy Ollie – Double Bill

If you’ve ever watched any of the videos we’ve hosted from YouTuber Banjo Guy Ollie then you’ll recognise his amazing musical talent right off the bat! Today we’re bringing you not just one but two of his latest covers in a special double bill. Tell your Thursday to relax, plug your headphones in and just chill […]

Banjo Guy Ollie: Undertale Spider Dance

Looking for something chilled but upbeat? Then Banjo Guy Ollie has you covered with his take on ‘Spider Dance’ from the incredibly successful Undertale. The indie rpg written, created and published by Toby Fox was released in September of last year and went on to earn critical and fan acclaim particularly for it’s story and well […]

Video: Banjo Guy Ollie – Muda Kingdom

YouTuber Banjo Guy Ollie returns with a trip back to 1989 title, Super Mario Land. Muda Kingdom is an area of Sarasaland, a neighboring territory of the Mushroom Kingdom and ruled by Princess Daisy. Muda Kingdom is the second world of the game and features dizzying heights, perilous drops and leaping enemies. Even though it’s only the […]