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Viral Videos of Yesteryear – Ewtube

Everyone has some experience with some of these videos, undoubtedly. They would have been nigh on impossible to avoid at the height of their virality. It’s time to take a look at just a few of those videos once again. Charlie bit me finger – again ! This video, now nine years old, features a boy […]

God Hand Meets DOOM in Fan Mod

Two concepts I wouldn’t have put together? A beat em’ up and a first-person shooter. But someone with a lot of spare time and passion for cramming the genres together has put out a basic fan mod that combines idSoftware’s DOOM 2 with Clover Studio’s cult-classic beat em’ up God Hand. It doesn’t have the […]

EwTube – Celebrity Japanese Commercials

The use of foreign celebrities in Japanese commercials is a common thing. Lost in Translation helped me understand this happens because it’s quite lucrative. And generally those commercials never leave Japan so they’re happy enough to do them. At least that was the usual thing before Youtube came along. Here are some of my favourites, […]

Batman VS Joker In Stop Motion

Well I don’t know about you but when I heard someone shot a stop motion Batman VS Joker video and popped it on YouTube I realised I’m probably not even going to be as 10% productive in my day as the guy made it! Fact! Check out the video below It’s brought to us by YouTuber […]

Pokémon Champion Red – Video

This might be the greatest Pokémon fan video ever made! I do not say that lightly! Prepare to be drowned in waves of nostalgia, Pokémon Champion Red, chronicles the head to head battles with the Elite Four and rival on the quest to attain glory. Watch as a fully trained team featuring Lapras, Pikachu, Venusaur and more battle […]

Kylo Ren Freaks Out About Everything

In what has to be the most fitting capture of Kylo Ren and his wonderful personality, this animation by YouTuber, Bill Bergen, displays all we hold dear about the wannabe Sith lord. If you felt Kylo was all teenage angst and no psychotic Sith you’d be in the majority (probably!) who felt the character was […]