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Viral Videos of Yesteryear – Ewtube

Viral Videos of Yesteryear – Ewtube


Everyone has some experience with some of these videos, undoubtedly. They would have been nigh on impossible to avoid at the height of their virality. It’s time to take a look at just a few of those videos once again.

Charlie bit me finger – again !

This video, now nine years old, features a boy putting his finger into his brother’s (Charlie’s) mouth only to have it bitten. The video currently sits at over eight hundred and forty two views! Another video featured the pair last year, uploaded by CBBC, interviewing the brothers.

David After Dentist

This seven year old video has over a hundred and thirty three million views. It showcases David, still feeling the effects of the drugs he was given for a dental procedure.

Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

This video is also seven years old, sitting just below eighty nine million views. A camera hidden from his brother after a World of Warcraft subscription cancellation lead to the first video in a series of freakouts.

Nyan Cat [original]

We’ll close this EwTube out with five year old Nyan Cat, sitting at over 173,000,000 views. Though I’m sure not half of those views watched the whole video, as you get the gist only a few seconds in.