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Brock Baker Sings Toto’s Africa In 29 Voices

Okay colour me impressed with your impressions Brock Baker. The popular YouTuber takes on one of the internet’s favourite songs ,’Africa’ by Toto. There are some amazing impressions here across a range of cartoons from different eras. Credit where it’s due Mr. Baker. Sure there were a few that were a little stretched, Nigel Thornberry for […]

Luigi Board?! – Viral Video

From the brilliant mind that brought us “how is prangent formed“, a video that was being heavily shared on Facebook these past few weeks, where the author of the video simply read out loud questions posed on the internet, here’s another glimpse into the wonderful world of Yahoo! Answers with J.T. Sexkik. This time, the […]

Baby Pandas World Debut

Last week, the world was greeted with some fluffy baby pandas over in China and the internet collectively lost its mind. A Chinese panda breeding center had almost double the usual amount of births and they decided to show off their fuzzy newcomers in style. And by in style I mean in a giant pile all together. […]

Monkey Island Theme – Banjo Guy Ollie

Well this week has been pretty unpredictable weather wise! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend a cool, calm and restful week in an undisclosed Carribbean location? No! No it wouldn’t! Do you not remember the Monkey Island games? That place is chock full of pirates, undead pirates, wannabe pirates and three-headed monkeys! Well if […]

Remember The Kayak Bear? – Viral Video

For years, funny animal videos have been regaled as the pinnacle of internet humour. There have been thousands of video compilations starring cats falling off things. If you get your chuckles from listening to autotuned dogs barking then you’ll find hours of joy on Youtube. Animals have a cute factor coupled with a silly factor […]