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‘Halloween’ – Disney Parade

This may seem like an odd choice, but then again maybe not, but my choice for track of the day is ‘Halloween’ from the Disney Villains Parade! This particular song only crops up in the Disney Parks during the Halloween season. The song itself has been featured in six different parades and attractions to date. […]

Top Ten Tyrannical Tropes

Villains.They come in all shapes, sizes and tropes. Without them there would be no conflict and thus no story. So today, we’re looking at our favourite villain tropes and the wonderful executors of them. The Mandatory Villain’s Song Disney pretty much owns this trope. They provide countless examples such as the iconic bad guy anthem ‘Be […]

Frosty Foes – Back Issues

No, we’re not talking about villains who can throw shade better than Skeletor himself; we’re talking ice queens, cold crazies and chilly charlatans – those who cause their victims to freeze in terror. Or because, you know, they zapped them with their powers. This week on Back Issues we’re taking a look at some of the frostiest […]

Darling Devils: Back Issues

Everyone loves good comic villains, but they aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal. There is such a huge spectrum of villainous types of characters that there’s a mad meanie for everyone’s taste, from a totally evil bad guy with no chance of redemption to an anti-hero doing a good deed for his […]

Style Saturday: Get The Loki Look

I’ve spent the day re-watching the Thor movies and seeing Loki strut around in his fabulous gold and green ensemble has inspired me to add his flair to my everyday life. At least on occasion. Although I’d love to walk around every day with dramatic winged liner with emerald green eye shadow, slicked back hair and […]

Gallery: Steampunk Disney Villains

For this week’s gallery we’re featuring a double whammy of awesome in the form of steampunk-inspired Disney villains. From a fierce looking Ursula to a suave Scar, artist Mecanique Fairy did a fantastic job with these stunning pictures. Take a look at the gallery below and make sure to check out the artist’s other work: […]