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Idris Elba Up For Lead Star Trek 3 Villain Role?

What does Idris Elba do when he’s not cancelling the apocalypse, giving the performance of a lifetime or staring mysteriously out into the cosmos? Well, he’s currently in early talks to play the main villain for Star Trek 3, believe it or not. The script penned by Simon Pegg is nearing the end and everything […]

Christophe Waltz To Play Blofeld In Bond 24?

Oscar winner Christophe Waltz is now being considered to play iconic James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Blofeld is in a away Bond’s quint-essential nemesis and, with his trusty Persian cat, a role practically wedded to actor Donald Pleasence. Following a Mail on Sunday piece, Ben Child of The Guardian writes: “The two-time Oscar-winner is […]

Foxx gives us a shock!

With a headline fit for the Daily Bugle, we are of course talking movie news and more importantly news that relates to the 2014 release of the sequel to this year’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. With two years to wait until we’ll see the webslinger return to the big screen. However that hasn’t stopped studio bosses […]