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Crash Bandicoot Gravity Falls Mashed Up

It’s Not On Any Maps What do Crash Bandicoot and Gravity Falls have in common? Aside from being totally awesome! That’s the obvious answer and well you know it! Well if you said this awesome Crash Bandicoot Gravity Falls mash up video then you’re are correct! You’re also correct if you said they are both […]

Overwatch – A Turn Based Fantasy

Final Fantasy Overwatch I’m kind of afraid to look at how many hourse I’ve clocked up playing Overwatch. I’m equally if not more terrified to check out how much real world monies I’ve blown on loot boxes! When will I ever learn?! I can’t even boast I’m doing anything productive! I’m stuck in Platinum hell every […]

If Miyazaki Films Were Like Other Anime

Ever caught yourself wondering what Studio Ghibli movies would like if they were stereotypical Anime shows? Yeah me neither! However the team over at CollegeHumour obviously did and they’ve taken some of Miyazaki’s masterpieces and transported them to other Anime Universes. Funnily enough I’d actually like to see a Spirited Away in a magical scenario! Someone […]