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‘Can’t Stop’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Track Of The Day

‘Can’t Stop’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Track Of The Day


Today’s Track of the Day is an absolute classic. Originally released in 2002, this Red Hot Chili Peppers song has since become one of those instantly recognisable tunes. I genuinely love this song, and listen to it every morning before I get up. I think ‘Can’t Stop’ is the perfect track to get you excited for life and all its unexpected twists and turns.

Interestingly, the band’s lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, wrote the lyrics to ‘Can’t Stop’ around the music, rather than the other way around. Consequently, most of the song’s lyrics are just a random collection of thoughts rushing into one another. There’s something really beautiful about this. A pure sort of energy bursting with passion. I think that’s what makes this song’s enthusiasm so infectious.

Another fun fact. The music video for the song was inspired by an Austrian artist known as Erwin Wurm. More specifically, the video is based off Wurm‘s series ‘One Minute Sculptures‘. The concept behind this series is pretty cool, encouraging viewers to become the artwork themselves. By doing this, the viewer can experience art in a new and obscure fashion. I think this ideology is definitely present in the lyrics of Can’t Stop, making this inspired music video all the more profound.

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