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Do ‘The Simpsons’ Predict The Future?

The Simpsons aren’t just entertaining us! It seems the animated sitcom also dips into the future every now and again! Coincidence or are the creative team behind the whacky dysfunctional family all witches? Watch for yourself and then decide! For the record if the future in which Lisa almost marries Hugh comes to pass; the future […]

Lowcarbcomedy Reveal Serial Killer High School

High School more commonly known as Secondary School to us; is a complete and total nightmare. Thankfully even our nightmares have trouble navigating the hallways and journey of adolesence. Comedy group Lowcarbcomedy prove it’s tough even for the worst of us with their for video for Common Shiner’s ‘Social Mediasochist’. Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leatherface and […]