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Elhoffer Design – Must Have It

When it comes to clothing, well I’ve gotta say that my eye is usually drawn to geeky themed items but I’ve found that at times the clothing is usually limited to t-shirts or dresses with one print slammed on the front. Whereas Elhoffer Design has come out on the scene and has proven that geeky […]

Star Wars Actor Who Voiced Admiral Ackbar Dies

Erik Bauersfeld, who immortalised “It’s a trap!” as the voice of Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars lore forever, has died at the age of 93. His manager, Derek Maki, said the performer passed away on Sunday. Bauersfeld got the role of Admiral Ackbar while working at Lucasfilm. The sound engineer asked him to audition and the rest is history. […]

BB-8 Goes On An Adventure – Gif Essay

With the news that the next installment of Star Wars will be filming right here in Ireland, you can be sure that there are plenty of locations and exotic locales for our protagonists to explore. But what of everyone’s favourite teeny tiny gyrating droid, BB-8? What if he happens to run into a terrifying obstacle such […]