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Rambo Is Out To Get Last Blood

The long standing Rambo series has been an action powerhouse for many a year. Despite its lengthy gaps between certain entries, Sly is back and he’s out for blood – Last Blood. The title of the new trailer may indicate a last hurrah for the hardened veteran. Tasked to save a former war veteran and […]

First Look At Rambo In Rambo 5

One of the most iconic characters in film, John Rambo, has been given a new look. This picture of Rambo in Rambo 5 was released via Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram page. You can see him in a Stetson hat, chequered shirt, chaps and it’s signed with the tagline “Tonight we start filming…!” View this post on Instagram Tonight we […]

Screen Savers: Judge Dredd (1995)

There are times when writing the Screen Savers article can be very tough. Watching widely regarded bad films can be difficult. This week, that film is the 1995 comic book adaptation Judge Dredd. The movie starred action superstar, Sylvester Stallone and was directed by Danny Cannon. The film is basically your typical action comedy, that was suppose to be […]

Sylvester Stallone Confirmed For Guardians Vol. 2

Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone has been confirmed to be playing a very “important” role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The news broke during the Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con during the weekend. According to CinemaBlend, the director, James Gunn said Stallone will be playing a role that is “a very, very key, important role. […]

Dolph Lundgren Hopes To Play Cable In Deadpool 2

Dolph Lundgren, old school action star of Rocky IV, Masters of the Universe (that’s right, we’re talking He-Man) and lesser-known 1989 Marvel film The Punisher, has recently expressed an interest in joining the Marvel world again. In an interview with Nerdist, Lundgren expressed interest in mutant antihero Cable, noting the physical resemblance between himself and the character. Such a casting […]

Review: Creed

Rocky Balboa is one of the great champions of the big screen. Not a hero, a champion – his story is one of overcoming adversity and challenging himself endlessly before ultimately paying the price. The original Rocky resonates so much because it’s such a no-frills adaptation of that classic tale of overcoming one’s own personal […]

Screen Savers: Rocky IV

Creed, the new film in the Rocky saga has been met with near unanimous praise for it’s heart, characters and the fresh approach to the formula. It’s hard to believe that a film of such integrity and realism is just two installments ahead of the unpardonable drivel that is Rocky IV. For those who don’t […]

Expendables TV Series In Development

Sylvester Stallone is eager to take The Expendables as far as he feasibly can, with the news now that him and Fox have decided to create a TV series in the same vein as the film trilogy, but focusing on television action heroes instead. Coming from Deadline, Stallone will be producing, along with Avi Lerner […]