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Geek Hall of Fame 2015

You might be wondering why the Arcade Awards 2015 are missing the ‘Geek Hall of Fame’ category. The nominations for this particular section were impossible to tally, this year we lost brilliant minds, talented spirits and just good people. We don’t want to pit them against each other for one place instead, we’d like to […]

Competition: Nintendo Memories

We recently brought you the news that a special charity T-shirt campaign was taking place in honour of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, who passed away earlier this month. The Super Nintendo and Nintendo were the first consoles most of us at The Arcade ever owned and, in no small way, this man shaped our childhood and […]

Weekly Recap 07/06/2014

Well ladies and gentlemen its almost upon us, yes starting this Monday the biggest gaming conference of the year begins, E3. That means a lot of announcements and not a lot of sleep for me, but it’s nothing that a lot of coffee won’t sort. While all the big huge announcements are going to be […]