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Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Swings In

The newest iteration of Spider-Man has been received well, with Tom Holland embodying the school attending web-head perfectly. A shared partnership between Sony and Marvel Studios, Spider-Man has appeared in both solo and MCU films. With his current status unknown from the events of Avengers: Infinity War, his next solo outing comes out in July […]

Spider-Man – Review

Spider-Man is finally here. After a long, long, long string of not awful, but just above average at best interpretations, the trepidation has been immense. Would this be just another funnish title for the stack, or could it be something more? Could it be greater? With Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series coming to a close after […]

Spider-Man Sequel Gets A Title

News of future MCU movies has been scarce as of late, but we do know there will be a Spider-Man sequel released after the fourth Avengers film. Tom Holland himself has let slip the name of the upcoming sequel via his Instagram page. Please note, there is an Avengers: Infinity War spoiler included in the video. […]

#TeamIronMan – Spider-Man – Civil War Dossier

With the new trailer for Captain America-Civil War, Team Iron Man unveiled their newest member: “Hey everyone”, Spider-Man. You may think Marvel’s most iconic superhero needs no introduction but its important to remember as Stan Lee pointed out, “Every comic book is someone’s first.” and considering this is his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a […]

First Look At Tom Holland As Peter Parker

It’s no secret any more that Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man will be making his debut MCU appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Thanks to Marvel Studio’s co-president Louis D’Esposito we’ve got our first picture of actor Tom Holland on set. D’Esposito revealed the picture of Holland and himself over on twitter, where the two men chill in what appears to […]

Amazing Spider-Man Body Art By Irish Artist

Our jaw dropped when these photos of Spider-Man inspired body art dropped on our laps and we don’t think Spidey or Peter Parker has ever looked as good! The work is by Fireflower-Cat, an Irish artist with an interest (and obvious talent) for body art and is currently studying special effects makeup. For more on Fireflower-Cat […]