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Tom Holland Is The New Spider-Man

There’s been much discussion and rumors on the subject, but Marvel and Sony have finally confirmed who the new Spider-Man is. Tom Holland will be Peter Parker for the MCU and for a new trilogy of Spidey films that is set to kick off with a Spider-Man solo film on July 28th, 2017. Not only […]

Sony May Be Working On An Aunt May Film

It’s rumor time people. I’m not going to say that Sony might be having some sort of embolism over where the Spider-Man franchise is headed buuuuuuut…. Let’s face it, it’s widely accepted that Sony really don’t want to hand the Spider-man red suit back to Marvel. So much that we’re overrun with rumors and possible […]

Review: Amazing Spider-Man #2

Dan Slott – Writer. Humberto Ramos – Penciler. Victor Olazaba – Inker. Edgar Delgado – Colorist. Chris Eliopoulos – Letterer. Published by Marvel Comics. [pulledquote] Remember when you read ‘Big Time‘ and thought “How has this not been done before?” That’s exactly how this issue works.[/pulledquote] After the thrill-ride that was ASM #1, you have to […]