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Marvel’s Avengers Open Beta Available For All PS4 Users This Weekend. Pre-Order Beta Available For PC/Xbox One Pre-Orders Too

The first round beta for Marvel’s Avengers happened last week. It was available for pre-order purchases on PS4. This weekend, even more people can get their hands on the upcoming superhero title. All PS4 users and pre-order purchasers on PC/Xbox One, will be eligible for this weekends beta. In the beta, you will get a […]

Whachu Doing This Week… Niamh?

When that post-Easter food baby has become more akin to something from Charmed or last year’s Prevenge, getting the bare minimal done is average. So in the past week or so i’ve mostly been watching TV or reading. I was watching a lot of animal themed stuff over Easter but rather than bore you with my […]

Segregated Supers – Back Issues

So I’ve been following Inhumans Vs. X-Men, as well as making my way through some of the older X-Men storylines, specifically the Messiah Trilogy. The former is mainly due to curiosity, the latter due to a dearth of decent new Marvel titles. If nothing else, it’s been interesting to see Marvel’s treatment of the mutant minority then, versus how […]

Fictional Feelings: Dave’s Dalliances

I’m a happily married man. I’m also a human being with emotions and urges. Though instead of cute co-workers or glamorous movie stars, the only competition my wife faces are fictional characters some person made up. I’ve told her this on several occasions and, as someone who fancies Legolas way more than Orlando Bloom, she […]

Kamala Khan Comics Being Adapted To Audio Drama

The massively popular Ms. Marvel comic series, created by G. Willow Wilson, is continually breaking new ground with their wonderful interpretation of a young muslim teenager dealing with the dilemmas that come with superheroics. Kamala Khan has quickly become one of Marvel’s most beloved characters in their library. As of 2015, Kamala is taking another leap […]