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Riot Games Bans Two Top Teams From LCS

In a ruling issued by Riot Games on May 9th this year, the teams Renegades and The Dragon Knights (TDK) have been banned from competition within Riot-sanctioned tournaments. In the ruling, Renegades were found to have knowingly violated a ruling against former manager Chris Badawi despite his banned status after having previously broken the official rules of the […]

Aurelion Sol First Impressions

As I sit here, with a live stream of Aurelion Sol gameplay open on my second monitor, I’m trying to figure out whether I’d enjoy playing the star forger. Optimistically I’d say the answer is yes, but then I’ve always been easily drawn in whenever Riot hands me a new toy. Bar those made for […]

Riot Games Acquires Radiant Entertainment

A lot of people have poked fun at the fact that Riot Games only ever had one game to speak of. However, the jokes will now have to end as Riot has announced that they have officially acquired the studio behind Rising Thunder and Stonehearth, Radiant Entertainment. Radiant Entertainments founders, Tom and Tony Cannon, whose claims to fame […]

Riot Releases Gallery of RP Art

Fans rejoice as Riot once again shows off the best of the community in this special gallery! The tradition of ‘RP Art’ has long been a favourite among the League of Legends community. The story goes that if you’re missing a nominal amount of RP needed for your next skin or champion, you can simply email Riot […]

Champion First Impressions : Jhin

In follow up to the video teased earlier this week, League of Legends just announced their latest addition to the champion roster, Jhin, The Virtuoso, a rather… interesting new face on the rift. In a surprise to pretty much no one given how he was teased, Jhin is an AD carry (…Marksman, sorry!) with an extreme flair […]

League Of Legends Teases Sinister New Champion

League of Legends has certainly come out with some truly beautiful champions in it’s lifespan, but according to one upcoming marksman, they aren’t beautiful enough! Believed to be the teaser for a new champion named Jhin, Riot Games released their teaser video titled ‘Mind of the Virtuoso”, showing a gun being fired and its effects on its […]