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Cosplay Closet: All The Con’s A Stage

One thing that I think often gets overlooked in cosplay is representation of the character not only through the overall look and style that makes them iconic, but also their attitude. After all, it’s called cos-play not costuming, so there should be at least a little effort made to play your part, whoever or whatever […]

All Hail The New Champ of Cosplay

Sometimes you find yourself staring at your laptop screen with your mouth wide open. This just so happens to be one of those occasions, as the ridiculously talented Elmin’s Cosplay has created one of the most impressive wing sets we’ve ever seen. Elmin is cosplaying as League of Legends’ Aether Wing Kayle… brace yourself. This […]

Geeky Goodies: Monster Edition

It’s Monday, also known to many as the absolute worst day in the history of days, ever. So, allow me to slay the gloom, and tempt you with some geeky goodies you can’t possibly resist. So the goodie theme I have chosen this week is MONSTER MONDAY (Rarr and growl… and stuff), ranging from an […]