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Riot Releases Gallery of RP Art

Riot Releases Gallery of RP Art


Fans rejoice as Riot once again shows off the best of the community in this special gallery!

The tradition of ‘RP Art’ has long been a favourite among the League of Legends community. The story goes that if you’re missing a nominal amount of RP needed for your next skin or champion, you can simply email Riot support with a one-of-a-kind work of art from Microsoft Paint and they’ll reward you with your desired amount. This favour can only be used once per account, but since everyone who has ever stepped onto the rift has been short a point or two in their lives, you had better believe Riot has been flooded with both beauties and beasts.

The video below has some of Riot’s artists choose their favourites among the 200,000 pieces of RP art collected over the years, and discuss why they love their chosen artworks. If you’d like to take a gander at the masterpieces on display, you can view the full gallery here. 

Say what you will about the LoL community, but after seeing these, you can’t deny their creativity!