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Geek N’ Bake: Terrific Teriyaki

  I love teriyaki! I do! It’s one of those dishes that you can really do no wrong with! It’s forgiving even if you don’t have the time to marinade your meats/veggies! It’s quick, simple and can carry any flavour depending on your own tastes too! I typically serve chicken teriyaki on skewers as a quick […]

‘Otaku Coordinate’ Trends In Japan

So you’ve probably heard of Lolita and even Ganguro style, but the newest fashion trend raising among teenage girls in Japan is, “ヲタクコーデ” or “Otaku Coordinate.” While asymmetric off the shoulder tops and straight leg jeans might be the latest fashion in our neck of the woods, “Otaku Coordinate” aims to imitate the “un-cool” and […]

EwTube – Celebrity Japanese Commercials

The use of foreign celebrities in Japanese commercials is a common thing. Lost in Translation helped me understand this happens because it’s quite lucrative. And generally those commercials never leave Japan so they’re happy enough to do them. At least that was the usual thing before Youtube came along. Here are some of my favourites, […]

Idolize/Fetishize – Life In Japan

I’ve talked a lot about idols on this site, in this column, other columns, and most recently, in an interview with some idols themselves. If you were to scour those articles with a fine-toothed word-comb, you’d likely notice a pattern of near-psychotic positivity; I’m a big fan of idol music and idol culture, and generally […]