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Will Arnett Pranks Toy Shops As The Batman

 The Lego Batman Movie has hit cinemas and it’s every fanboy or girl’s dream. Chocka-block with Batman Easter eggs from obscure comic villains to the various incarnations on screen, it’s incredibly funny. Part of what makes that comedy work is the cast it has at it’s fingertips. From the Arrested Development duo of Will Arnett and […]

Dear Arcade… Loved And Lost… Again!

A few weeks after we started TheArcade.ie our tiny office was flooded with letters looking for help. An outpouring from readers around the world desperate for advice and guidance. Unable to deal with the volume, we just ignored them hoping they would go away. They haven’t! So in an effort to deal with our problem […]

Ciaran’s Top 5 Best Boys of May 2016

You know, sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and admit that you are so creatively bankrupt that some good-natured pandering is in order. Yep, this is pretty much a list made just for me, but if you can gleam something interesting from my demented obsession with fictional boys then more power to you. The concept […]

EwTube: Totes Inappropes

Right it should go without saying that these videos are totally NSFW and may cause offence to those with a sensitive nature and should only be watched alone, in the dark under a blanket away from Gods eyes! I just want to make sure that every one reading this is aware that yes these videos […]

Gif Essay: Fictional Love

There is no love quite like fictional love and if you don’t know what I’m talking about right now, it’s best to move on so this doesn’t get awkward. My first crush, the actual first time I ever got butterflies in my tummy was when I saw Lion-O from the Thundercats... listen I don’t know what […]

Game Of Thrones Political Campaign Ads

These political attack ads based on Game of Thrones characters are hilarious! Featuring Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and others, we get a glimpse as to what a political race might look like in Westeros. If, of course, the characters were politicians and not horse heart eating dragon mommas or guys who know nothing, ever (okay […]

5 Signs That Show You’re Addicted To Anime

We all have friends who are die-hard anime fans. You may have been one once, or you could still be in that blissful realm between reality and fantasy and you’re reading this in your themed pjs. Regardless, we should all be familiar with the symptoms of anime addiction. In case you’re shaking your head in confusion, we’ve […]