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7 Things That Are Worse Than Your Leaving Cert Results

7 Things That Are Worse Than Your Leaving Cert Results


Listen, I know today is going to be one of those days that you look at the world and just ask “Why?!” but family and friends are on hand to support you no matter the outcome and so am I – when it comes to being anxious about the future I’ve a bloody PhD in it. This might seem like the most important day of your life and that this slip of paper defines you but it isn’t and won’t.

Besides, things could be way worse… trust me!

Seven Evil Exes

Seven Evil Exes

You literally could be hunted by seven evil psychopaths hellbent on ruining you and your life just because you like a girl/guy! Yeah, the fights might be cool but could you really beat up seven people?!

Charizard Hates You


You’ve evolved him from an unruly Charmander to a sassy Charmeleon, the pay off is finally here and… oh wait, Charizard despises you! You could have ten Gym badges and he’d still think you’re beneath him. I can’t have been the only one who lost respect for Ash when Charizard all but flipped him off whenever he called him in for battle.

A Million Years In The Dungeon


I’d do the million years (to be fair, I’ll be dead at 80) but not in a Lemongrab prison! Please, anything but a day in that nightmarish hellhole… I’ll even get a job!

This Job

Five Nights At Freddys

Okay, not this job. I’d rather work as the guy who has to clean up the sets/stages of Super Meatboy than work with Freddy and his mechanical nightmares.

Stalked By Angels


Every single time I watch Ten say ‘blink’ I have the uncontrollable urge to do it! You’re not helping Doctor! To be fair, though, I’d rather not be in this situation in the first place.

Luigi Death Stare

Years of living in his brother’s shadow have warped Luigi’s mind. Now not only does he race to console himself, he takes immense pleasure in wiping your pasty body all over the tracks of Mario Kart. Just look at that side eye thrown here; there is nothing but utter contempt for life burning behind those eyes! The guy wants to devour you whole!

Luigi, Queen of Shade!

You Could Be Krillin


Your best friend is super powerful! Your love interest is super powerful! You die all the time! Literally everyone kicks the living daylights out of you at some point or another. Oh, and just to throw dirt in your eye, the universe also decides that you should be short and bald!


Today is not the worst day, it’s not the best day or the most important day of your life; you hopefully have an entire lifetime to come. Take a moment outside the stress and excitement of the next 24 hours to give yourself a pat on the back, to take a breath, to think about your options, and to remember that you’re not Krillin!

A huge congratulations from all of us here at The Arcade towers and, no matter your results, be proud of yourself!

And just in case…