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Gif Essay: Get Ready For Halloween!

Gif Essay: Get Ready For Halloween!


For a lot of us, the best time of the year is right around the corner! Okay, so we’ve got about four weeks but that is not gonna stop the most die hard Halloween fanatic from getting all excited right now! It’s ‘2 Spoopy’!

There’s a few things you’re gonna need to do in order to have an absolutely awesome and spooky Halloween! For us, Halloween is one of the most amazing nights, filled with character, horror, stories and fun! If it’s all done right, of course. So without further ado, here are some of the things you’ve gotta keep in mind and even take part in when Halloween is just around the corner!


Pumpkins are a staple tradition when it comes to Halloween and, without them, it just wouldn’t feel like
Halloween now, would it? When it comes to actually carving your own, get a good thick marker pen and draw out a face, whatever face you may want to carve into that orange vegetable. Make it funny, make it scary, whatever may take your fancy! Carve that pumpkin, take out those guts, use them for a nice soup if you’re so inclined, and place a little tea light or an LED inside so it can light your handiwork up. You can place the pumpkins in the window or you can line your path with them outside, or even place them in your garden – whichever looks spookier!


You’re gonna get a lot of these on Halloween night, unless you’re one yourself or you live out in the middle of absolute nowhere. Either way, you’re gonna need to prepare yourself for the onslaught of knocks on your door by kids or teenagers dressed in their finest for the night that’s in it.

Get your sweets and candy ready in a big bag, or in box… or, heck, anything that works for holding a whole heap of candy! When you open that door, make sure you act accordingly to the costumes you come face to face with; act scared, or surprised or whatever you need to do. But remember; don’t be stingy with your sweets! No one likes that, and you may end up getting a trick instead!


You’ve got your pumpkins all done, so now it’s time to get the packets of cobwebs out and make your house look like you haven’t dusted in about fifty years.

I’m personally partial to a skull or twenty, so get a few of those, get some skeletons and make your house look like you just walked into The Addams Family’s abode! Try pop some gravestones in your garden (made out of cardboard), or get a battery operated skeleton or witch for your front door. Have some fun with it!


What’s Halloween without a good party with some games and even some horror movies?! Get your friends together, get costumes on and play some awesome Halloween games. 
Classics like bobbing for apples or maybe something involving a few drinks here and there are perfect or an evening in with friends. Pop on some music and have a dance as well! Maybe try something inspired by Hocus Pocus or even The Craft!

Horror movies are the best at any time, but at Halloween they’re a must! So pop on a classic like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or even Halloween itself and scare yourselves silly!

What are you doing on Halloween? Let us know in the comments!