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MORE Creepy Short Films – Ewtube

It’s Halloween week, so I think it’s appropriate for some more creepy short films. Unlike Carrie’s piece last week, these aren’t my favourites. I’m remise to admit it but I a bit of a wuss watching some of these, well it’s really just the lead up to jumpscares that gets me, but I powered through it […]

Who-lloween – Scariest Doctor Who Episodes

Personally, there’s no better way to spend a Halloween night-in than watching some classic horror flicks with some heart-attack-inducing goodies and a cushion on stand-by just in case. However, classic, gorey or traditional horror of any kind may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, to offer an alternative spooky night-in for the more sci-fi inclined, […]

The Pumpkin Carving Process | GIF Essay

Ahh, Halloween! There are so many things to enjoy about this holiday! The costumes, the candy, the never ending spooks and jumpscares! And every year, so many of us go into our Halloween routine. We do everything we can to put ourselves in the mood for some scare, including pumpkin carving. But beware, unless you’re […]

How To Make Floating Spooky Ghosts

I love Halloween! The autumny time of year, the costumes, pumpkins! I also especially love getting crafty (in every sense of the word) and what better time to make some spooky decorations. I’ve decided to make some floating ghosts to hang from the ceiling (or any overhanging area I can find) and here’s how I […]

Top 5 Horror Heroines

When it comes to Halloween, well, I like to break out some of my favourite horror films that feature some damn strong women, if I do say so myself! When the genre of horror comes to mind, to most, it’s a figure of a blonde girl running from a slasher in her underwear screaming at […]