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Must-Have Nerdy Tattoos

Anyone who has a tattoo, or even many of them, will know that itch to get ‘just one more’. I’ve had this itch for a while now but still haven’t settled on the next design/position/tattoo artist. Do I want something symbolic or representative of family or friends? Do I want something kick-ass and ‘cool’? Or […]

The Art Of Greg Tocchini

Put it to the record, Greg Tocchini is a master of his craft! A couple of months ago I picked up a random copy of Low a post-apocalyptic story of an Earth on the brink of total destruction. Written by Rick Remender (another master), the series features absolutely mesmerising work from Tocchini as captures the depth of […]

Inspiration in Art: Just Keep Drawing

As artists, we gain inspiration from a variety of different sources. Some can gain inspiration at home from their families and friends. Nature inspires some while sprawling cityscapes inspire others. Though, as the prevalence of fanart would imply, many artists simply get inspiration from pre-existing works. Influence in Existing Work Even artists on existing shows, […]

The Art of Ricken – Gallery

Okay I’m a little too excited for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse release and I’m spending my spare time immersed in fan theories, character bios and plotting my revenge in case the movie doesn’t turn out the way I hope! Part of my time has been spent ogling comic book pages and fan art featuring some […]

Gallery: The Art Of Triona Farrell

I’ve decided that whenever I get a chance to do a gallery for the Arcade I’ve decided that I’m going to use it to show you deadly readers the amazing work coming from the artists in our country! First up is the work of Triona Farrell. I actually stumbled on Triona’s work when a friend […]

K-Pop Singer Dabit Has Arrived In Ireland Ahead Of Performance And Meet-Ups

K-pop artist Dabit has arrived in Ireland! He’s been updating his Twitter account with lots of pictures of his trip, including Cork and Blarney Castle. #ireland #saintfinbarrescathedral #dabit pic.twitter.com/85vmmJDOzI — 다빗/DABIT (@dabit1205) October 20, 2015 #blarneycastle pic.twitter.com/hKTeBKgXLL — 다빗/DABIT (@dabit1205) October 22, 2015 If you aren’t familiar with Dabit, you can check out his newest […]