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Must-Have Nerdy Tattoos

Must-Have Nerdy Tattoos


Anyone who has a tattoo, or even many of them, will know that itch to get ‘just one more’. I’ve had this itch for a while now but still haven’t settled on the next design/position/tattoo artist. Do I want something symbolic or representative of family or friends? Do I want something kick-ass and ‘cool’? Or should I just bite the bullet and get something that I just WANT?

In the category of ‘want but can’t afford/don’t have the balls to get’, the amount of Disney and comic-book themed tattoos that have been Pinterested or saved in a little desktop folder is obscene! Top of my list are a Beauty and the Beast themed design, possibly a rose (go figure), and a Batman logo. And to top those lists are the below tattoo artists for their amazing designs and skill!

I’m still very much in the ‘can’t afford’ portion of my life, but for when the time comes to bite the bullet, I hope I can say “Feck it!” and go for a nerdy piece of art that will be with me forever.

Rachel Baldwin

Based in Liverpool, Rachel Baldwin is top of my list for that Disney dream design. Check out her fantastic work, beautifully transforming Disney princesses, Star Wars and even a Wizarding World Dementor into cutsie yet precise works of art!

Josie Sexton

Famous for her watercolour magic, Josie Sexton is an artist based in the UK with a booking waiting list the size of the Nile! And you can see why… I also got a beautiful Spirited Away watercolour print from her a while back. Phenomenal work!

Holly Marie

Only known as Holly Marie, this tattoo artist from Coventry is a fairly new discovery for me. But man, do I wanna see more of her work! It’s brave, bold and fantastically finished. Check out some of her stuff below – LOVE the Goofy Movie reference, such an underrated film. Also Jigglypuff cos, Jigglypuff.

As amazing as all the artwork shown today is, please remember that these are all custom designed pieces – do not steal for your own tattoo desires! If you would like your very own nerdy tattoo from one of the above artists, contact them directly, and always credit their work in any posts you make. Thanks guys!

Bonus: Skottie Young

OK so comic book artist Skottie Young isn’t exactly a tattoo artist, but he is a fantastic artist none-the-less! Famous for his comic series I Hate Fairyland, his nerdy artwork has been adapted into tattoos by many a fan. One such Marvel themed piece is being given away by Forbidden Planet Dublin in honour of the new Spiderman release. Check out the post below to be in with a chance to win!

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