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Real Monsters Art By Toby Allen – Gallery

Real Monsters Art By Toby Allen – Gallery


Sometimes the scariest monsters aren’t the ones on the screen, on pages or in our imaginations. They’re our own real demons and while they may lack a corporeal presence, their impact is nevertheless felt.

More often than not these creatures are invisible to those around us. In the same way we don’t always know what’s going on in the headspace and lives of the people around us. These monsters aren’t always easily beaten either and many linger on the fringe even when seeking support and help.

Now one artist has taken the task upon himself to give these conditions some form. Toby Allen, a UK based illustrator put the ‘Real Monsters‘ project together with a purpose. Speaking about his work Toby writes that it is “An ongoing personal project exploring mental health through character design. The project aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health…”.

To see more of Toby’s work including additional instalments in the project, click here to visit his website.

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