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Luigi Board?! – Viral Video

From the brilliant mind that brought us “how is prangent formed“, a video that was being heavily shared on Facebook these past few weeks, where the author of the video simply read out loud questions posed on the internet, here’s another glimpse into the wonderful world of Yahoo! Answers with J.T. Sexkik. This time, the […]

Do ‘The Simpsons’ Predict The Future?

The Simpsons aren’t just entertaining us! It seems the animated sitcom also dips into the future every now and again! Coincidence or are the creative team behind the whacky dysfunctional family all witches? Watch for yourself and then decide! For the record if the future in which Lisa almost marries Hugh comes to pass; the future […]

Baby Pandas World Debut

Last week, the world was greeted with some fluffy baby pandas over in China and the internet collectively lost its mind. A Chinese panda breeding center had almost double the usual amount of births and they decided to show off their fuzzy newcomers in style. And by in style I mean in a giant pile all together. […]

What The Meow?!

MEOW is a ridiculous but hilarious video made by YouTuber Markiplier. Mark is best known online for his gaming videos. However sometimes he takes the occasional break to make some live action skits. Some of which bring about hilarious results. Whether you’re a fan of his videos or not, you have to admit the fusion of Mark‘s humour and […]