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Will Arnett Pranks Toy Shops As The Batman

 The Lego Batman Movie has hit cinemas and it’s every fanboy or girl’s dream. Chocka-block with Batman Easter eggs from obscure comic villains to the various incarnations on screen, it’s incredibly funny. Part of what makes that comedy work is the cast it has at it’s fingertips. From the Arrested Development duo of Will Arnett and […]

Tipping The Iceberg In Club Penguin

There’s always a point in each generation when you have to remember where you were. So ask yourself “Where was I when they finally tipped the Club Penguin iceberg?” An urban legend since the website’s launch in 2005, some said that if you had enough penguins drilling the iceberg, you could break it. Obviously after a […]

Llamas with Hats – Viral Video

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl! If you’re looking for something strange and hilarious to watch this week, I definitely recommend checking out Llamas With Hats! Llamas With Hats (created by Jason Steele) is about two llamas. One llama is a psychopath. His name is Carl. The other is named Paul. As you can tell from the title, they both wear […]