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Japanese Balloon Artist Creates Anime Replicas

A Japanese balloon artist, known only as Ke63, has been attracting some attention on Twitter lately with their balloon creations. Most of these creations are amazingly accurate recreations of some well loved anime characters. The latest from Ke63 is the Sealing Wand from anime series Cardcaptor Sakura (whatever happened to that show!?) as well as various […]

Steven Universe Gets The 8-Bit Treatment

Now for your daily dose of amazing fan-made stuff! YouTuber, doisDI Desenhando has taken the opening from the beloved (if you don’t love Steven and the Gems then we can’t be friends!) Steven Universe and given it a fantastic 8-Bit treatment. As if the cartoon series needed to be any cuter or loveable? My only issue with the video […]

Gender-Swapped Avengers – Gallery

We’ve all got fantasy casting for comic book movies. It’s of the fun of these films! Tumblr user DIMILIS has made a very cool series of fantasy castings in which many of the major players for the MCU’s Avengers are gender-swapped. Each character has a new actor and poster attached to them, to demonstrate how […]

Batman Short Films – EwTube

With Batman v Superman releasing this Friday, we thought we’d search through YouTube for some DC related short films or podcasts to get us even more hyped than we already are. We came across some really fantastic Batman fan films that we thought we’d share with you this week! Ripper With a super interesting premise, Ripper […]