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Versus – Wands At The Ready

Help us out and settle a workplace debate! When it comes to wizards, sorcerors and magicians there are two names that cause a bit of controversy here in Arcade HQ. Doctor Strange and Professor Dumbledore! Doctor Strange IS the sorceror supreme! He is the Earth’s primary defense against magical horrors and monsters and has saved […]

Pull List – May 2018

This month brought another mix of different stuff, but this time comics do indeed feature. ‘Almost Love’ by Louise O’Neill For once, the brand new books everyone are talking about in my Facebook bookclub came into my library account in the past month. I was particularly interested to see how, if at all, Louise O’Neill‘s style […]

Nerd Icon: Stephen King

This is my first time writing a Nerd Icon and there was only one possible choice. And that’s my favourite writer, Stephen King. I mean, it was obvious that it’d be him considering how often I mention him both in The Arcade and in real life. Beginning, hard times and success Stephen Edwin King (16 letters […]

Pull List: Week 1 May 2018

Last time I wrote a Pull List, I went overboard. It happened on the month of my birthday so I had an excuse. So now I’m back again and while the list is smaller, there’s a lot of stuff this time because it was recently World Book Day and St. George killed a dragon so […]

Pull List March 2018

As a librarian, a pull list is a somewhat different thing; a list of items in the library other people have requested. But the key concept is the same: the books etc that are next to be read. My own pull list is generally quite large (staff privilege) but I am currently reading only books […]

Pull List – February 2018 Week 3

Welcome to a new Pull List! This week’s going to be a bit bigger than usual, for a good reason. Apart from the stuff that we pick at comic book stores we’ll also be writing about what we pick in bookstores, digital, and whatnot. And since it was my birthday recently this will be packed […]

5 Best Books of 2017

One of the first impressions people have of me is that I read. A LOT. I’m always carrying my Kindle or a book around (or several books when I’ve entered a bookstore without adult supervision). When it comes to my tastes, I read mostly noir or fantasy/sci-fi but I’m open to pretty much anything. In […]